Whether you choose to serve the following dishes after a charcuterie board or to serve them along with a charcuterie board, you will fine a large variety of recipes.

Serving chicken after a charcuterie board can offer a delightful transition in flavors, providing a lighter and more diverse option after the savory and often rich assortment of cured meats.

If you're planning a multi-course meal, serving beef after charcuterie naturally transitions the dining experience from appetizers to the main course.

Pork pairs well with a wide range of ingredients, making it easy to create flavorful and well-balanced dishes.

Serving seafood after a charcuterie board can add a refreshing and diverse dimension to your meal. Seafood, with its delicate and fresh flavors, provides a light and refreshing contrast.

Pasta is a filling and satisfying carbohydrate that can balance the protein-rich offerings of a charcuterie board.

For a lighter option, traditional salads or grain-based salads make great choices. Incorporate different varieties with a mix of textures and flavors.

Dinner after charcuterie can be as simple as warm comforting soup and fresh bread. Soups offer a wide range of ingredient possibilities, allowing you to tailor the flavors to match the theme of your meal.

No special occasion is complete without a touch of sweetness. The following dessert recipes are perfect to serve after a charcuterie board.